Easter Joy With Bologna Ears and a Tail

He is one year old.

He came to us already named Max. It’s a name that I love because of the character Max Bialystock in my favorite movie, “The Producers.” SweetieBang loves it for its reference to “Where The Wild Things Are.”

I have wanted a dog forever but vowed that I would never get one while I was single — too busy, away from home too often, etc.
SweetieBang is just as insane about dogs as I am and we planned to get one this summer; maybe a French bulldog or a yellow lab or some kind of labby mix. But of course that’s never how it works. Greg works right by the local shelter and as anyone hankering after a dog will do, he stopped in to have a look. And there was Max. And Greg fell in love. He came home and woke me from a nap and said, “Come with me to meet Max.” I read his mind immediately, jumped into my coat and we sped off right away, because I know how it is when your animal chooses you. I had to see this little guy. I had to see his little bologna ears. I adore beagles but SisterBang always warned me that they’re a HANDFUL so I never seriously considered trying to be a Beagle Mom until I met Max.

We know that beagles are incorrigible, willful dogs. We know he will bay and howl and dig and require lots of walks, lots of attention, and obedience training. Also an outdoor fenced in run. And a crate. We will spend weeks carefully introducing him to Ermengarde and she to him (he lived with a cat before and likes them — she, of course, will initially hate him). I’m sure he will chew shoes or furniture and pee and poop in the house until he’s potty-trained (what kind of dog owner doesn’t do this immediately with a puppy? We are disgusted! AND… it doesn’t help knowing that Max’s former owner was a local minister!). There will be times I rue the day I ever looked into his brown eyes and saw him nuzzle his whole little body hopefully against Greg even though I was the one holding the treats.

But he is a cuddly, sweet, affectionate pup who might be the tiniest bit not-so-bright but we love him and are brimming over with excitement to bring him home on Tuesday and make him a huge part of our lives.

So this is my Easter joy. At long, long last I will fulfill my heart’s desire to become a doggie mommy. May God bless you all with new life.

(This really isn’t the best photo. He looks kind of funny and bow-legged here and he’s not. But you get an idea of his beautiful markings. Also, jeepers creepers, where’d he get those peepers? *thump, thump*).

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  1. Oh, PB. I can’t even stand it one little bit. Please forgive my raging jealousy, which is trumped only by how happy I am for you. (Barely. Surely you understand. I mean, *look* at him!) I wish you many happy years together. [I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND!! I do! I do! And YOOK AT HIM. HE IS TOE TANDSOME!!- PB]

  2. I have one word for you (I mean after the “Hooray!”). And that word is “school.” As in “doggie school.” As in “good manners doggie school.” It can make a world o’difference, and believe me, I speak from experience, having one very well-trained and tractable dog (the eponymous Berry) and one willful puppy (Maya). We thought we had met our match with her, but now hubby is taking her to Doggie Good Manners School and we can see that it might actually be possible for her eventually to become a somewhat good dog. Maybe. [J, I am absolutely adamant that Max will attend Good Boy Doggie School. SweetieBang is going to be the one to walk him in the middle of the night and a million times a day, and I want to go to school with him. That suits our personalities very well. He is the Snuggly Daddy and I am the Tough Mommy Who Will Still Love You To Pieces and Kiss Your Smooth Ears All Day. Thanks for the validation! – PB]

    Good luck, PB! Write about Max often, as your dog-loving fans want to Hear All.

    Happy Easter.

  3. I knew it! When I saw your post about SweetieBang researching obedience schools, I thought, “Ohh realllly?” Congrats!

  4. My father, when he heard that I was getting a step-beagle just smiled and turned his head. with five plus years living with a Beagle, I will try to be just as polite. But I will ask: how close are your neighbors? [We live in a parsonage with the State Police Barracks through the woods on one side and a big, closed up old colonial a large yard away on the other. He can howl bloody murder in the house and no one will hear anything but a distant “baroo!” if they are walking by. But thanks for the warning~ we know, we know! – PB]

  5. So, the Easter Beagle IS real! They are indeed talkers. Maybe you can train him to harmonize on karaoke night….

  6. This will sound crazy, but I highly recommend TWO beagles. They take good care of each other when you can’t be with them.

    Congratulations on becoming a dog mom and Happy Easter!

  7. My parents have a beagle mix (with Australian cattle dog–another willful breed). It took them forever to train that boy, but now he’s the sweetest (albeit, still very willful) little guy. Beagles tend to be affectionate with their owners. My parents’ dog enjoys sitting next to them on the couch… and following them to every room… and he’s a blast to play with! I go over their house just to get my dog longings out… I want a dog, but, like you, I have this rule that I cant have one until I’m living with someone else because I’m a little too single and busy to take care of one… (thus, why I have my two kitties).

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