The Kindness of Strangers

A few things.

First of all, Max woke me up this morning in the wee hours to alert me to the fact that I left the gas stove on. Just a little low flame, but he smelled it. MAN, how I love that hound. I’ve been calling him “Lassie” all day. His response is to look at me like “Lady, Lassie would NEVER have had the mad houndie smelling skillz to catch that, are you kiddings me?” Since it’s bloody raining AGAIN we didn’t get a big walk today but tomorrow we’ll have one no matter what. GOOD BOY, MAXFIELD FIRST PARISH. That’s Mommy’s GOOD BOY! One of my biggest fears is burning down this parsonage. Our ministers have lived in this house since 1875 and I have this nightmare that in 100 years they’ll be saying in town, “The Unitarians hired their first female minister way back in 2002 and she went and burned down the parsonage. Dumb broad.”

I mentioned that I joined an organization called CouchSurfing. I had arranged to stay with a family in the city of Iasi upon my arrival in Romania, but if you’ve been reading my recent posts you know that Scott Wells discovered my family’s village in the Transylvania region… also called Iasi but far tinier (like, 3500 people!). I wrote to Genoveva, the woman whose home I was to have stayed in, and she wrote back that she was sorry we would not be able to meet, but she had contacted a friend in Brasov (near little Iasi) on my behalf, and that friend was investigating my family’s history for me.

I’m pretty blown away by that. I mean, a “Good luck and thanks for letting me know” was all I ever expected. Or maybe even, “Before you contacted me and asked me to host you, perhaps you should have figured out what FREAKING TOWN YOUR ANCESTORS CAME FROM.” I’m so touched by this kindness!

Third, whenever I try to start writing a sermon for the Kadacs congregation I freeze up and go all bug-eyed.
Worst, most paralyzing case of professional insecurity I think I’ve ever had.

Fourth, if they give out awards for eating, I should probably get one soon. I was watching “Dancing With the Stars” last night and thinking “Well cripes. When are they going to produce ‘Eating With the Stars?’ Because I could TOTALLY win that.”

The Făgăraş Mountains of Romania. Iasi is very near here.

7 Replies to “The Kindness of Strangers”

  1. Well cripes. When are they going to produce ‘Eating With the Stars?’ Because I could TOTALLY win that.

    Oh it’s ON now, sister! ::: grabs utensils :::

  2. You call that TINY? I was just in the town my dad was born in, and it’s 580 people.

    Anyway, on that sermon? What happened to using the archives as a basis and then reflecting on what it’s like to be preaching so close to the ground of your ancestors? (I hope that’s not the paralyzing part.) I realize you may have to add some last-minute thoughts since you haven’t gotten there yet.

  3. Now I am wondering about my inlaws & which Iasi they came from. You will love Transylvania & they will love YOU! And you think you are eating NOW!! Just wait. When do you leave??

  4. Oh, Brasov is wonderful; it was our first stop on our little choir pilgrimage through Romania. Beautiful! The town square is wonnnnnderful– my mom and I grabbed slices of pizza on a cobbled side street off the square, one filled with tables and umbrellas and restaurants on either side. It’s amazing.

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