Hello PeaceBangers!

Just a quick greeting from the glorious Aegean coast.

apple tea
Hagia Sofia
Topkapi Palace
Chora Church
stuffed grape leaves
yogurt wih honey
tour bus
Green Mosque in Iznik (ancient Nicea)

Lost my wallet at Hagia Sofia and had it returned with every lire intact.
Later, the ING Bank in Istanbul ate my ATM card. Win some, lose some.

We went to Troy today. I can’t believe where I am. Fig trees. Olive groves. Beautiful people with elegant manners and incredible hospitality. Women working in the fields in full hajib. The call to prayer coming from the muzzeins five times a day, haunting and spine-tingling.

Grand bazaar.
Spice bazaar.

I feed some stray dogs outside the Green Mosque and wind up surrounded by a group of curious Turkish school children.

Sun. Mosques everywhere. That enormous red flag.

More later.

3 Replies to “Turkey”

  1. Market Basket
    Inspection Sticker
    House cleaning
    Tea with friend

    Looking forward to traveling vicariously with PB!

  2. Oh, yes, Janeybird, that’s me, too!! Waiting on pictures, living vicariously.

    Keep well, PB, keep safe. Remember to look up, to breathe in the moments, the fresh air, the faces. Do what you did in Nica, and you’ll leave a piece of your heart.


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