Hello from Athens

Hello PeaceBangers!

Since I last checked in, I have walked in Paul’s footsteps in Corinth.

I have crawled all over the Acropolis in Athens.

I have seen the inner workings of a major archeological dig.

I have eaten grilled haloumi cheese and eggplants and much tsaziki.

I have taken a bath/shower with one of those hand-held European shower heads that, when it gets out of your grip, snakes wildly all over the tub squirting you and the entire bathroom with water. I have screamed.

I have watched the sun rise over the harbor in Tolo.

Tomorrow I bid adieu to my lovely touring friends and strike out on my own. I move to the Hotel Central for an additional four nights in Athina.

I just don’t know what to say yet. Pretty tremendous.

Oh, and speaking of tremendous, the tighter of the two pairs of jeans that I packed are even tighter now. Lord, but the food here is GOOD!

So tell me what’s going on with you. How are things in Glocca Morra?

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  1. Your trip sounds wonderful . . . and the shower head – I so know that shower head! Too funny. Here’s to tight jeans and four days on your own!

  2. (((So tell me what’s going on with you. How are things in Glocca Morra? )))

    Don’t know about fictional Irish villages, but in Fairfax County they are OK.

    TheCSO and I were literally driving past an adoption fair and decided to stop, so now we have a sweet dog who was literally thrown down a flight of stairs by a crack dealer. A MARYLAND crack dealer, this Virginian must add.

    We had the easiest adoption experience I’ve ever had the minute the adoption lady learned that theCSO is an engineer and I’m a law student. (Thus we were, in her estimation, likely to be able to afford the surgery they will someday need.)

    I can appreciate a coldly practical adoption lady and we are certainly doing our best to give “Ginsburg” a new home.

    Law school goes well, though both my professional responsibility and criminal justice exams contained ambiguities in the wording of the questions that I spent way too much time working with and I hope that doesn’t bite me grade-wise. I have a statutory interpretation exam on Tuesday that I wish you could take for me as it calls me to be a law theologian, and then I’m done until summer classes start at the end of the month. I’m finally taking evidence, which will come in handy when people on my blog decide to hold me to the standards of courtroom evidence as they understand them from television. Sigh.

    Jana and I are going to Corning, NY for our traditional memorial day abandoning of (my) job (her) children and our other assorted responsibilities. We will watch dirty movies, drink a lot of schnapps and stay in the most gorgeous bed and breakfast ever.

    At the end of the month, my sister-in-law is marrying a man named Hogan who wears sandals to Christmas dinner and calls my husband “Buddy.” I sincerely wish you were on the guest list.

    Anyway, your fault for asking.


  3. “They” should have been either “she” or “the dog”.

    There is only one of Ginsburg, which is, bless her heart, quite sufficient.

  4. One of the frustration while in America was NOT having one of those European shower heads with which you can actually clean yourself… 😉

  5. So lovely to get these updates from your travels. Those vases! Those mountains!

    I am in the home stretch of my term as president of my church board, the second of two years after two years as VP. I had three meetings last week, and I have three meetings this week. Two of these meetings have been to understand and ease emotional issues among some committees. Next Tuesday is the annual meeting. Next Thursday is the monthly board meeting. After that I am hoping for just the June board meeting before I am done with my term.

    It’s been a great learning experience. My leadership skills have grown tremendously. It has been looooooong, and I am ready for it to end.

    Here’s looking forward to more escapism with PB!

  6. ChaliceChick,

    I hope you will take time to visit some wineries–I’m partial to Keuka’s since that’s “my” lake, but admit Seneca’s wineries are probably better. Are you going to climb the gorge at Watkins Glen? Yes, I was a tour guide in a former life. PB, you should go to Corning & environs, too! But I’d take Athens any day. Sigh.

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