What We Decided

We’ve both been single for a long time, and I’d like to leave the rat race in the USA. We decided, with Rozalia acting as interpreter, that I will do the dishes and the ironing, he will do the cooking and the gardening and slaughter the chickens (which I can say in Hungarian). He will not smoke in the house. The dogs get to be in the house with us. We will teach each other our mutual languages and he will teach me how to play poker. He will not drink excessively (he doesn’t anyway) and will never hit me.

He is 68 and has a bad leg but I think our arranged marriage would be good for both of us. Isn’t he a dish, seriously?


Readers, meet my husband, my feryem, Gyuri Baci (“Uncle” George).

This is Mookie who also stole my heart. What the photo doesn’t show is how his front paws are on inside-out, giving him a hilarious, adorable waddle, and how his face is a little bit smooshed in. Mookie likes to approach me by running almost all the way to me, then getting on his belly and slithering the rest of the way. I just know that he and Max will be the best of friends. Gyuri Baci also has a cat and I think Ermengarde will get along fine with her, too.

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  1. Aw, I have to give it my seal of approval! Hey, if he won’t smoke, and has a dog, how can it go wrong? [ I know! And he is SO good to his doggies! We also both have a cranky, depressive streak so there is real simpatico there, too. We think maybe it’s better that we DON’T learn each other’s language!! He is so incredibly cool. SUCH a good man who has had a very hard life with more than his fair share of tragedy. – PB]

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