On the roads in Transylvania I kept seeing signs for Drum Bun. “What’s Drum Bun?” I asked our tour guide.
Literally translated, it means “good road” in Romanian (drum= road; bun= good).
As in “Have a good trip.”

DRUM BUN! What a great band name or production company or something, huh?

You go ahead and use it.

I am getting my drum buns out of Transylvania on a train bound for Bucharest tomorrow. I’ll spend the afternoon there and then depart for gay Paree on Wednesday morning.

I’m composing this on my i-Touch from my room at Hotel Claudiu, Sighisoara.

Although I am ready and eager to return home and especially to CHURCH, I will really miss the world news I’ve been getting every night on CNN Europe. Wow, I knew our news in the US was garbage but I’m more keenly aware of this than ever. Even BBC America is infotainment compared to BBC here. Comments?

(And don’t get mad cow disease if I admit that I am not really a Keith Olbermann fan and I don’t like Rachel Maddow, okay?)

Love, peace and free wi-fi,

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  1. I agree with you about American news. We have discovered Fareed Zakaria on CNN who does international news/commentary on CNN on Sundays, but it is a program for an international audience. Bill Moyers, of course. But it is sparse. I really noticed it even living in Canada.

  2. I remember from my trip to London that MTV Europe was excellent and far better than the US channel. Never made it to the news stuff 🙂

  3. DairyStateDad, who writes among other things about media in our area, has had to watch local TV news for an assignment recently. We knew it was bad, but we didn’t know how awful it really was until we had a steady diet of it. I haven’t made it through a whole program yet, and I’m worried about irreversible dunderheadedness if he has to watch too much more!

    Enjoy your remaining time away. Your loyal fans anticipate your safe return with much pleasure.

  4. Hi PB, here’s a cool application for watching international news in the US. Everything from CNN stations from all over, to BBC world service, to Al Jazeera, even. There’s radio too, and the quality is quite good.

    It’s called live station (it’s an application/ player) –

    I actually discovered it via clicking on a giant ad that Al Jazeera had taken out in the NYtimes during the Gaza War last December.

    Hope this is of use 🙂 thanks for sharing all the stories.

  5. I’m totally lukewarm on The Rachel.

    I don’t have too much use for the Be Afraid Be Very Afraid tack she seems to take.

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