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Oh, have I got a treat for you!!

Resources for Preaching And Worship Year A: Quotations, Mediations, Poetry and Prayers

Compiled by Hannah Ward and Jennifer Wild

Westminster John Knox Press

You kin get it here!

Further supporting my argument that the Holy Spirit’s insistent ecumenical energy is working everywhere nowadays, this gorgeous resource (with the boring title, it must be admitted) includes readings and poetry from a variety of sources, many secular and even a few non-Western. It’s a little treasure trove, I’m telling you, and organized by Sundays in the lectionary year.

I picked it up in Oxford and here’s me reading it all the way home on the bus going, “OHMYGOD I LOVE this!” And “Oh, wow, what a great reading” and “MAN, this is so awesome” and all manner of American stupid utterances until the guy sitting across the aisle goes, “May I ask what it is you’re reading?” and I show it to him and he says, “Well. I don’t think I’ve ever seen better proof that you can’t judge a book by its cover.”

It doesn’t look very sexy but I am loving it. Everything from Augustine to Oscar Romero to contemporary British women poets (lots of them, in fact). And lots of references to the arts, which of course speaks to my soul.



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