Fly Away: Inspired by The Mincing Mockingbird

It’s not like I can become a major art collector, but I do like to try to collect pieces that I really love and have a special connection to when I can.

There has been a lot of death in our congregation in the past six months. Yesterday, while thinking of the latest lovely lady to leave us, I came upon the works of The Mincing Mockingbird in a South End Boston gift shop. I had gone into the shop to buy some baby gifts, but I fell in love with the birds on my way out the door, as they were hanging behind the cash register.  They have such personality, such soul, and such humor.

I took home a small collection. They know who they are and who they represent, and why. They also represent a time in my life in ministry that feels connected to bird song and flight.

You can look at the droll and delightful work of  The Mincing Mockingbird on and here.


isn’t that a li’l cunning bird?


I want all of these hilarious magnets.

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