“Love Song” by Nancy Wood

I used this poem to introduce my All Saints Day sermon on October 29, 2012. Enjoy.


“Love Song”         Nancy Wood


From a book entitled, Dancing Moon, a collection of poems and meditations written in the spirit of the Pueblos of New Mexico


I shall see you again, if the world lasts, even though

you are gone from my sight. My breath creates

new life for you, now that we are apart and

the universe lies here in the ashes of my memory.


I shall see you again, if the world lasts, in the nighttime sky,

where even the separated stars move together

in the same direction. As moon follows sun, so shall I

follow you across our star-lined path, the one we created


Together. Do you remember? Come, my friends, and find me

crying on a mountaintop, where my tears

make new flowers bloom. Come run with me through

dreaming fields and catch rainbow colors for our eyes.

The way we used to.


Our holy place is holy still;

our love is not diminished by absence or by pain.

Death has but interrupted our loving, and I know

I shall see you again, if the world lasts.