I came to NYC for a couple of days of family time and now I’m in the lobby of Seafarers + International House feeling decidedly dazed and confused. On the advice of loved ones (not really advice, more like threats of death if I get on a train), I am staying put for another night. Of course there are buses. I want very much to be home and with my community. I will figure this out. But first maybe a nap?


“Did you hear they caught one?”

“He’s a bum.”

“Two of them, brothers. They’re young.”

‘All of them… family… fathers… uncles… say they so beautiful. He’s a beautiful young man… everything is beautiful.”

“No bad boys.”

“Everybody thinks their kid is beautiful, man.”

This exact exchange just occurred between a few men who are behind me. I am not going to turn around and look at them. They are seafarers. One has a thick Russian accent.

Sit tight. Pray hard. Be strong.


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