“PeaceBang” is the nom de blog of the Rev. Dr. Victoria Weinstein, a single New England minister who loves musical theatre, the movies, traveling, politics, animals, food, cooking, book stores, reading, Facebooking, potluck suppers, knitting, museums and fleece socks. I blog on clergy image, attire and persona at www.beautytipsforministers.com.

You can also follow me on Twitter (@peacebang) and on Facebook.

I have a degree in English literature from Northwestern University and a Master of Divinity degree from Harvard University. I earned my Doctor of Ministry in 2011 from Andover-Newton Theological School. I hail from Connecticut but have also lived in the Chicago area, the Minneapolis/St. Paul Twin Cities, Rochester, NY, the Philadelphia ‘burbs and the Washington, DC/Baltimore ‘burbs.

The name “PeaceBang” was born the same night this blog was born. I was out to dinner with some friends in late December, 2004, and my friend Rebecca suggested that I start a blog. Later that evening we all went out for ice cream. I stood in line with my friend Steve, who owed me a few bucks. When the gal behind the counter asked for my order I gave it to her and then added, gesturing to Steve, “He’s paying.” Steve looked at me in the crowded, noisy shop and smiled. “PeaceBang,” he said. I was puzzled and repeated to the clerk, “He’s paying.” Steve said again, “PeaceBang!” I yelled to him over the din, “‘HE IS PAYING’, STEVE. Not PEACEBANG. What are you talking about?” By the time we figured it out, we were in hysterics. Later that evening when I wrote my first blog post (for a blog I thought only a few friends would ever read), I arbitrarily chose PeaceBang as my name. So there we are.

Maybe not coincidentally, Steve happens to also be the friend who took the banner photo of me. We went for breakfast one morning and wound up at the Union Mission Chapel in Scituate, Massachusetts.

Thanks for reading.