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This amazes me. Almost twenty years ago when I was a young aspirant to the Unitarian Universalist ministry and trying to express the harmony I felt between my Witchy Pagan Goddess-loving soul and my Christiany Jesus-loving soul, it was considered … Continue reading

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Missional Church: A Unitarian Universalist Case Study

People are talking a lot these days about being a missional church. It’s a scary word for many who associate the word “mission” with missionaries: people who show up somewhere and coerce, terrify or bombard a people with evangelical zeal … Continue reading

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In The Midst of Winter… An Early Easter Litany

Yesterday, March 10, I wrote this on my Facebook page. What follows is self-explanatory. Enjoy. May your heart be lifted.  – PB Bostonians are beginning to say the word “snow” in the same tone of voice Ronald Reagan used to … Continue reading

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