Celebrating Ten Years Of PeaceBanging!

100_4945Hey, can you believe it?

This old gal began blogging as PeaceBang on December 30, 2004. Beauty Tips For Ministers was my second blog, and came along a couple of years later. I cannot believe I — and WE — have been using social media for a decade! Let’s sit on the porch in our rocking chairs and reminisce.

Please join me in celebrating TEN YEARS OF PEACEBANG AND SOCIAL MEDIA MINISTRY on December 30 and 31st. I would like to go live on Google Hangouts from 2-4 pm EST on Tuesday and then again the next day in late morning. I am not leaving myself a lot of time to plan this but it could work if I get folks on board early!

Do you have a favorite PeaceBang story, quote, memory or comment? Did PeaceBang touch your life in some way in the past decade? Let’s hear about it!! Your comments are most welcome here and to my personal e-mail at (my real first name – dot – my real last name @ gmail.com)

I’ll be getting in touch with some of you to call into the Chat on Tuesday and Wednesday. If you’d like to call in, please let me know and we’ll get it set up.

See you then, and thanks for the memories!


Our Mission, Should We Choose To Accept It


I (mostly) lurk on a closed Facebook Page for self-identified progressive Christians because reading people’s posts keeps me focused on evangelical UUism. My God, how I pray for a day when we can evangelize for participation in a truly inclusive, vibrant and mature faith. These people are just a few of the many I am convinced are waiting for us to live into what we keep claiming to be.  I have lifted a few testimonials off of Facebook to similarly inspire my fellow UUs who are gathering right now for our annual convention in Providence, RI:


This first note came as a post on my personal Wall:

I just found out that because I don’t literally believe in bearded old guy in the sky I’m considered an atheist. Prlprlrlrl! ( Bronx cheer…) Why are there no churches for those of us who experience “God” in all things? I want to go to church! But there are no churches that “get it”. I can’t even begin to follow the concept of the trinity, it seems pointless. Churches are dying because they don’t/can’t/won’t accept that God is apprehended differently now. I am Not an atheist! God is immanent in my life. I want to celebrate this, without the crippling effects of dogma. Soo, thanks for listening.

I’m listening! And I believe that there should be LOTS AND LOTS of churches for those of us who experience God or “God” in all things!! I’m working on it! I believe that Unitarian Universalist churches should be those churches!

Some other testimonials from people who, on paper, should be able to find a community with the Unitarian Universalists:

  • > It never crossed my mind to leave Christianity. However, I have looked into other religions. And I see truth and beauty in all religions. I don’t think Christianity is the only path to God. Just like I don’t believe Christianity is the only religion that has a trademark and Patton on truth. But, for me Christianity is my path. And I can’t see myself going any other way. But, I can appreciate other religions and I can see beauty and inspiration in their beliefs.
    >While I haven’t done any extensive research, FOR ME Christianity teaches the full love of God – although I’m not buying in to the whole “atoning sacrifice” deal. I have my own way of interpreting the events of Jesus’ life and death and the message I get from it is that God neither controls nor abandons us, but loves us relentlessly [sound Universalist to you?]
  •  I have struggled with belief, and still do. I’m actually seriously considering a Pagan path. So far, I’ve just incorporated Pagan spirituality into my Christianity, especially becoming more connected and aware of natural phenomena like moon cycles, animal behavior, seasonal changes. I’ll probably make the switch at some point. [To what, I wonder?]

PB Lecturing On Congregational Covenant May 14, Dedham, MA


Massachusetts Convention of Congregational Ministers


Spring Meeting


Who Drives Our Covenant?

God, Neighbor, Other?

Our speakers will be

The Rev. Ian Holland

Senior Minister of The First Church in Swampscott, Congregational


The Rev. Dr. Victoria Weinstein

Senior Minister of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Greater Lynn

in Swampscott

The Rev. Jim Chase Will Preach

Federated Church of Charlton

Wednesday, May 14th 2014

10 am to 1 pm

At the First Church and Parish in Dedham

670 High Street, Dedham, MA 02026


Cost $25 per person

includes breakfast and lunch and snacks.

Reservations to Rev. Rali Weaver

 raliweaver@dedhamuu.org or 617.459.5979