PeaceBang In Iowa June 6-7, 2013! FaceBook Party March 14th!

Hi, fraynds!

Don’t know if any of you are Corn State People (is Iowa the Corn State? I don’t know anything about Iowa except that everyone I know who has ever lived there loves it, Grinnell is a great school, and “The Music Man” is the best musical ever set in Iowa) but I will be landing in Ames for a visit in June for the ReCharge Your  Ministry conference of the Iowa Conference of the United Church of Christ.

Here’s the information.

Come if you can! You don’t have to be in the United Church of Christ — Lord knows they’re letting ME in with open arms, so register away! The more the merrier.

To get some conversation started on the topic of ministry and social media, I will be participating in a Facebook party (I know, I had the same reaction:  “A Facebook party?”) on March 14 at 8:30 pm Central Time (9:30 pm EST). The Rev. Nicole Havelka will post questions that folks have submitted and I’ll answer them in real time. If you want to check that out, here’s the link to the Iowa Conference’s FB Page.

Wear your party dresses!


Ernest Hemingway’s House

I love houses, but I don’t ever think about owning one. I mean, not really. As a single person who isn’t the least bit handy, and who has always lived in rentals or a parsonage I just don’t think I’m up to home ownership either financially or practically. There are many homes for which I have a special emotional fondness and I love pretty architecture and interior design. But I’ve never had a huge choice in where I was going to live so I’m no good with those house hunting shows on HGTV. I just say, “That place is perfectly nice! Get THAT one!” I don’t understand why people are so picky about houses. I feel like you can make just about any space pretty great if you decorate it in a way that expresses you. To me, a house is a place that you set up so that it’s home and then you live there. You don’t go to Home Depot every weekend and have an eternal list of home improvement projects.  You get it how you like it, and you live. Maybe I would be different if I had a house and any home improvement skills.

Anyway, today I finally understood that sensation that people get when they find THEIR house. I found MY dream house down here in Key West, Florida. Oh, how I want this house. With these tiles and many of these furnishings. This is MY house! I would give anything to have this house! Except there’s a problem: it’s called Reality.

It’s the Ernest Hemingway house. So even if I meet a sugar daddy who will buy the house for me and then keep it staffed full time so that I can spend a few weeks a year there, it’s just not very likely that the Ernest Hemingway Museum people and the Key West community would be down with that plan.

It was hard to visit my house today and have all these TOURISTS all over it. SHEESH.

Here’s a bunch of photos. Please say only nice things, as I would have chosen pretty much every detail to be exactly the same if it really was my house, down to the Spanish birthing stools in the bedroom and bathroom, and the lace-wrapped chandelier in the bedroom. I would also have forty-four cats, all with six toes. The close-up is of Olivia de Haviland. That’s the cat’s name. I don’t know the other darling’s names.

Click on the photos to see the full image. Welcome to my dream house.

“Moving Through the Liturgy” Residential Retreat For UK Clergy July 25-27

July 25-27
The Emmaus Centre, Layhams Road West Wickham Kent BR4 9HH
T: 020 8777 2000. Fax : 020 8776 2022. uk/contact.html
£80 twin room, £100 single (for ministers within the London District) £100 twin room, £120 single (for ministers outside the London District)

The Rev. Dr Victoria Weinsten will be in the London District this summer. Amongst other things, she will lead this Residential Workshop on Worship and Liturgy. Participants will think and move through the liturgy together, exploring the minister’s roles as teacher of tradition, mediator between the sacred and the mundane, and manager of communal energy.

To register contact David Usher:
Rev. David Usher
10 Bradbourne Road Sevenoaks,
Kent TN13 3PY
01732 455143 or 07905 158372

Victoria Weinstein and Andy Pakula standing
Victoria Weinstein and Andy Pakula at the Unitarian Universalist General Assembly, 2010