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Go Love The Hell Out of the World

I admit it. My thoughts have been very dark lately, especially in that particular time of honesty at the close of day when I am drifting to sleep. After the work for the day is done, the dinner dishes washed, … Continue reading

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What I Wish I Had Said To The Guy On the Street In Louisville

Walking down 4th Street, I passed all the touristy stuff and kept walking. Being inside an over-air conditioned convention center for hours getting high off fulfillment fumes and intense insta-connections with people you’ve just met is exhausting, and I was … Continue reading

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Missional Church: A Unitarian Universalist Case Study

People are talking a lot these days about being a missional church. It’s a scary word for many who associate the word “mission” with missionaries: people who show up somewhere and coerce, terrify or bombard a people with evangelical zeal … Continue reading

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