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UU Humanists At The Holidays

Oh, this seems like such a throwback. We have this conversation every year, it seems. In fact, as a colleague wearily pointed out, the president of the UU Humanist Association wrote pretty much this same column two years ago. I … Continue reading

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If It’s Not About You, It’s Not About You – But It’s Really Not About You (On White Fragility)

When I wrote The Intellectual Condescension of White Liberals in response to white liberal response to the #BlackLivesMatter movement, the post generated hundreds of comments (256), many of which took me to task for the title of the piece. It … Continue reading

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Clergy Burn-Out And The Rev. Peter Boullata “On Leaving the Parish”

This column by the Rev. Peter Boullata is being widely circulated among my colleagues and making many of them cry, which in turn makes me want to cry. I don’t want to blame ministers for their pain and burn-out but … Continue reading

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