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UU Humanists At The Holidays

Oh, this seems like such a throwback. We have this conversation every year, it seems. In fact, as a colleague wearily pointed out, the president of the UU Humanist Association wrote pretty much this same column two years ago. I … Continue reading

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Is It Rude To Seat Latecomers Later In the Service?

I respect the opinion of the marvelous Executive Director of the Massachusetts Council of Churches, the Rev. Laura Everett, who started a tiny Twitter dust-up by posting this [click on the image to enlarge it]:     I don’t find … Continue reading

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“Being the Resurrection” Read by the Author

I wrote this Easter poem for my congregation a long time ago — I don’t remember when. It was certainly before I had any awareness of transgender issues, so I regret the “he/she” gender binary. Whatever its flaws, it was … Continue reading

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