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  1. Lisa Gaston says:

    So glad you came to Iowa. You made the conference for me. I look forward to learnin more from you on church audits! Lisa

  2. Sally Wilke says:

    One of your best ever, but HOW? Really? You put my feelings into words. Oops, guess that why its the best ever. So many rules, so many hoops, so little power. Relationships,relationships, relationships! What else you got to help me?

  3. Carlena Wike says:

    Loved your essay regarding the “guy on the street in Louisville”. Now I’m singing it!

  4. carol whitlow says:

    Your hippest holiday song video is no longer available. In keeping with your piece on website rant, please remove video link or tell us about it now that you’ve peaked our curiosity. BTW, I love your work! [thanks! Will do! Okay, the song is "We Wish You the Merriest the Merriest!" by Frank Sinatra. - PB]

  5. Ostara S. Hollyoak says:

    Thank you for “Curses! Foiled Again!” (February 2014). Well said.

    I grew up with “Thy will be done.” Throughout my early prayer life, this was a great way of acknowledging the relative smallness of my own perspective. In prayer, a little humility (or maybe a lot) is an essential ingredient.

    In later life, I came to use phrases common in witchcraft and pagan communities: “According to the free will of all and harming none;” “in accordance with the free will of all and for the highest good;” etc. I think of these kinds of phrases as similar to “thy will be done,” moved out of the monotheistic framework. Humility is essential to pagan practice, too, because, yes, “spells” (i.e., enacted prayers), as you say, *do* have real effects; and the exact nature of these effects & their impacts are not predictable by our (limited) minds. I’ve always found acknowledging my own limits in this way a good way to avoid “magical mishaps.”

    I’m a member of Channing MC in Ellicott City, Maryland. I’ve heard so much (always in a positive light) about you, but had never seen your blog. I’m glad I stumbled on this. [I'm glad you did, too! Thanks for writing! My love to you and the folks at CMC. - PB]

  6. Regina F. says:

    Hello, I just read your article for how to write a sermon. I’ll be delivering my first sermon in November. Thank you for words! I’ve been searching on how to write and present a sermon. The message I have is Holy Spirit inspired! The title is, What If? I am a student at my church’s Ignite School of Ministry. I’ve felt God’s call on my life for two years. There are lot of ladies the same age as me or older. It’s amazing to see God raising up ministers that are 40+! We are praying for the younger generation to rise up and become ministers too. Again, I want to thank you! Blessings to your ministry!

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