Guidelines for Comments

The PeaceBang Blog intends to inspire, to entertain, to provoke, and to stimulate conversation about religious life, politics, the spiritual path, and culture. It aims to show the reading public that deeply religious people are not staid, stuffy, and removed from everyday life but immersed in it, and in fiercely in love with it. PeaceBang wants to raise awareness that clergy are often irreverent, enraged, depressed, anxious, shallow, struggling, doubtful, wild at heart, and REAL. She deeply believes that the decline of the mainline Church is connected to unrealistic and dysfunctional expectations of both clergy and laity, and that God is calling us to a new era of bold authenticity.

Please keep the unity of the Spirit in the bonds of peace when you comment. This is an entirely voluntary ministry and the woman who convenes this conversation serves full-time in parish ministry and has a busy life as a consultant, teacher, mentor, and human being. Thoughtful participation is welcome. Trolling, thread hijacking, and insulting are not. All comments will be moderated. PeaceBang reserves the right to delete comments, close comment threads, and to block destructive individuals from participation. I apologize in advance for missing the occasional comment here and there: sometimes my spam blocker gets over-zealous.