Friday Cat Blogging

Hello readers,

This is ERMENGARDE and I has a few tHINGS To say.

FIRST I would like to say that it is going to take some TIME for me to accept this dog that came to live in MY HOUSE that has been MY and ONLY MINE for six years also I am a CAT and excuse me but we naturally don’t LIKE DOGS. So people who say that I am a spoiled princess are not VERY WELL INFROMED about the nature of CATS- we are not mean we are just PARTICULAR (please don’t say PURRticular because I am not in a very humorous mood) about some things mostly like how we like our HOUSES to not have DOGS IN THEM.

I am living in a room with my food and litter in it and at night I go and sleep with my Human Lady who is my most favorite human mostly except for when SHE ADOPTS DOGS. She says tonight is the last night and I will be on my own after that to sleep alone in my bed, cry outside the door or come in and sleep on the bed as usual even though there is a DOG in the room in a little crate.

This should be interesting. Maybe we might get some sleep. I will have to think about that. Should I sleep on the bed on my little bed or should I smack the dog in his crate? Which would be more fun? This is a hard decision.

Human Lady doesn’t know that I know she is plotting to put catnip on the dog so I will like him. oh boy, I hope she doesn’t do that soon because I need some time to just hate him for awhile. He doesn’t do anything to me and he is appropriately subservient but STILL HEs A DOG, ISN’T HE.

Everyone loves him except for me. I am a non-conformist.

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  1. We adopted a dog, a corgi mix when our cats were in their early teens. They didn’t love him. We ended up with toleration most of the time. The dog slept in a crate, so the cats got some free time without said dog.

    One cat died in November 2006 at 17, and in September 2007 we wound up with a tiny kitten, Lucy. She and Emily co-existed for a few months, until Emily died at 18. We realized that Lucy needed a kitten to play with, so she’d be less rough with us. Enter Smudge. A male siamese. Lucy and Smudge hit it off, play, fight, and love (we just got Lucy spayed.) But the surprise is that Smudge and Foster love each other. Foster hangs out on the couch in the evenings, which is enough to keep Lucy off (she keeps her distance from said dog, Emily taught her well.) But Smudge and Foster snuggle. Foster licks his face, Smudge curls up to him and sleeps.

    We think it’s a boy thing. In our all-girl house our boy loving dog will take homosexual affection where he can get it. Even from a cat.

  2. Once upon a time I was the only one (OK, only child) in the family. My parents thought it would be a good idea to get me a brother (sort of like your Human Lady getting you a dog). My reaction? “He smells bad.” (The reaction has been recounted to me, I don’t recall saying it.) All I can say, Dear Cat, is that you have to be patient. It’s not easy, I know. But remember, she loved you first.

  3. Dear Ermengarde,
    Although I am an inclusive and species-friendly cat who will flirt with anything that breathes, I am a CAT and heaven forbid my human should divide her attentions so this comes with love and solidarity and what your human calls the White Paw of Fellowship. Remember the Great Cat Posse of Solidarity. Also, you can JUMP onto all these places Max can’t HA HA. He is just a DOG and you are a DIVA.
    Maya Pavlova

  4. I have an aunt who claims that she’s not argumentative, she’s precise. I suspect Erm would appreciate that line of reasoning.

  5. Ermengarde: I love you and I am on your side!!! You must keep this “dog” in its place–no matter what. They slobber and are way to jumpy and lively and just stir up life in general. That crate ought to be in the outer circles of living space–how dare that human to force co-habitation.

    Cheerfully, Roger/Malika (the blue Russian) and Angel Malika’s “sister” a Golden Marked Tabby

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