Nine Days To Departure

I leave for over a month in Turkey, Greece and Romania next Saturday.

I am trying to calm down, to remember that I’m traveling with tours most of the time and won’t have to do much thinking for myself when I get there.

But I feel so tightly wound with all the preparations that it’s really overwhelming right now.
The to-do list is so long I get halfway through one item and rush off to start another, or a third one still in progress. The two weeks in Romania looms as a huge Unknown. I learned today that I need to prepare a sermon for my Partner Church in Kadacs. :::head explodes::::

I need to breathe in and out and remember how lucky I am.

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  1. Dear PB, I was so happy for and admiring of you through all the events you shared of your last trip! You are so strong and awesome. I will keep you in very good thoughts (me, an anonymous! plus I think we’ve crabbed at each other before on your blog but I just plain like ya anyway) through the coming weeks. You will find so many precious treasures on this upcoming adventure.

  2. Does the congregation speak/understand English in Kadacs, or is Hungarian a hidden skill you haven’t shared w/ us? Good luck & keep it simple! [I don’t know a WORD of Hungarian, Lord help me! My sister minister in Kadacs will be translating simultaneously. – PB]

  3. You are wonderful to include all of us as remote travelers with you, seeing through your eyes and hearing through your ears. It will just amazing, I know, and I can’t wait to experience it through you. [Thanks, Penny, but I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to share on the road, as I’m not bringing my little computer with me, as there won’t be much wi-fi in the regions I’m traveling. And definitely no photos until I return. I’m bummed about that, as I SO enjoyed blogging from Texas and Nicaragua! – PB]

  4. Hey Peebs –

    You’re not the trip leader – for any of it. Having just led a small group to the Middle East, panicking a good bit of the way, I’m already envious of you for that. I can imagine that it’s scary to be gone for so long, but the tour people are really there to take care of you and make sure you have a wonderful time.

    The sermon? Well, you know that you have many wonderful sermons – what about that one that was translated into Spanish – seems to speak well for its ability to cross cultures. If it goes well, you can say you knocked ’em dead in Kabacs. If it tanks, you don’t have to return the following week.

  5. Hey there,

    I’m so judiciously not making any jokes about how anyone would be nervous going to Transylvania, becuase that would be so tacky. (I mean, I wont say anything like: “What’s the worst thing that could happen if you forget something? It’s not like you’re going to TRANSYLVANIA…”) See how refined and worldly I am.

    I’m with Gidget on the sermon, btw. You’ve got more than one good one already – preach it sister!

  6. Have a great time. I’d love to offer some travelling tips, but know next to nothing about the region… Oh, except Romania is called that because it’s where the Romans settled their pensioned legionnaires. Well, it’s a start!

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