The road to Delphi, taken through the bus window…


The site. This is where anyone who was anyone in the ancient world came to consult the oracle. It’s also where the famous “Know Thyself” inscription was located in the Temple of Apollo:


Of course Apollo wasn’t the first deity to reign over this navel (omphalos) of the world; that would be Gaia. He murdered her, but the priestesses here were always called Pythias after her sacred totem, the Python.

“Hi, my name is Victoria, I’ll be lowered into that cistern-type thingy behind me on a tripod, breathing hallucinagenic fumes and giving your prophecy today, which will be interpreted by a priest. You’ll find a tip jar on the way out. Thank you for visiting Delfi and come again soon!”


I will say that my dreams last night were amazing and mostly because Athena sent me a huge, breathtaking owl to stare at me and witness to all the truths the dream was telling. I leave Athens tomorrow but I am taking that owl with me forever.


6 Replies to “Delfi”

  1. You SO missed your calling as a Pythia. You’d have been one of the all-time greats.

    (Unless, of course, you didn’t, and you were.)

  2. Did you check out the worlds navel at Delphi? We did. “Navel gazing” brought to a whole new level. M&E Holt

  3. Some time when we’re together I will tell you about the dream I had in Delphi. It changed my life. You have been in a POWERFUL place.

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