Titian, the Master

What rivalry? Titian had no equal. I saw the exhibit tonight and these are ever so much more glorious in person… what a total treat. More than that. Transcendent.

Someone asked me a few years ago if it was really worth all the money I’ve spent flying to different countries and paying to get into “all those museums.”

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!!





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  1. And along the way, a lesson in changing cultural standards of attractiveness. These would be good visuals for an OWL class on that subject.

  2. Oh I so needed this. I was feeling fat and frumpy (made the mistake of weighing myself yesterday, not something I do very often, and disovered that I’m a pound or two above my heaviest weight) and not feeling good about myself. But I look at those women who have my curves and realise I’m gorgeous too!!

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