Friday Cat Blogging

She used to blog ABOUT me. But we’re more egalitarian now: I get to blog for myself.

She called me and the dog into the guest room for Family Prayer. She said we’re going to pray for Toby the Barn Cat who hasn’t been around since Sunday.

I don’t like Toby. I thought his name was Clancy anyway.

I don’t like other cats. The dog and I looked at each other. For once I felt as dumb as he actually is. What is this prayer thing, we asked her. Telepathically. Or in the dog’s case, telepathetically.

She said, just think about Toby and feel love for him. That will be fine.

What a ridiculous request. I don’t feel love for Clancy! But I love my Human Lady so I put a picture of Clancy in my mind and said, get your grey butt back to the barn, these humans are all in a state of anxiety about you.

I don’t know what Dumb-Dumb was doing.  He’s seen Clancy, he knows him. He likes to chase him. I’m sure he was thinking about food anyway.

Family prayer is not really something to ask your dog and cat to do. You should have heard her try to explain GOD to us one time. That was entertaining.

Truth and Beauty, Ermengarde

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