“Being the Resurrection” Read by the Author

I wrote this Easter poem for my congregation a long time ago — I don’t remember when. It was certainly before I had any awareness of transgender issues, so I regret the “he/she” gender binary. Whatever its flaws, it was written from my heart and it is in that spirit that I share it with you.

I have been asked for permission to reprint this many times. I can never express how much it means to know that this little bit of writing has wound up being shared all over the country in so many congregations.  I only remember that I wrote it fast without a lot of forethought and no editing — much like blogging. So much of what ministers write is ephemera: meant for one moment in one community, an expression that comes from that day’s or week’s prayers or pastoral experience. To have one of those moments caught and shared widely (even if I am the one who submitted it to the UUA worship web) is — well, I don’t know a word that expresses “great/humbling/a little spooky/sobering/happy.”

Sometimes when I like a piece a lot, I wish I could hear the author read it. So that’s what this is. Thanks for appreciating. I appreciate you all right back. Very much. Happy Easter.

Being The Resurrection Recording

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  1. I wrote a rather flip response to a column in UUWorld about Easter. I regret that. I wish I had just posted your poem.

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