Whining Day

Oh Oh Oh, my readers have posted the most glorious complaints over on my Facebook page today. Beautifully funny, upsetting, sad, glimpses of our quirky lives in response to an invitation to freely whine about something petty (no big important issues allowed). I’ve done this before and the results are always inspiring. There’s a lot of crap out there that people are dealing with! And yet, most of us have yet to drop out of society entirely and live in a log cabin in Idaho!

God, be with these beautiful people in our struggles.

The excessive perfume that makes some wheeze and sneeze. The “stupid mind” that won’t stop telling someone that she’s stupid. Bad hair days afflicting many, Lord.  The anger and frustration in the aftermath of a stolen purse. Mice, dear Lord! Mice that come down the chimney and cause itching! A dingbat intern who can’t file, grrrr. An insensitive boss who doesn’t see that over-scheduling is exhausting a faithful employee. Meds that are making someone feel so crazy she’s in the hidey-hole.

Cats, Lord. Cats with unreasonable cat demands. Dogs who don’t know whether they want to be let out or in. Writers who can’t write. Long illness that wears the patience. Roommates who leave empty peanut butter jars on the shelf, dear Lord! How long can it be borne?

Choosing Christmas music on a hot October day, kumbya. Someone’s whining Lord, kumbya.  Dental emergencies. Motorists on cell phones almost driving into us. Sick kids. Stink bugs. A clerical error that holds up the unemployment benefits.

You all keep up that whining. Go right ahead. Be my guest. I hope it feels good to get it out somewhere. I hope it feels good to be in such good company. And if anyone tries to make you feel better by saying something like, “Count your blessings!”  tell them that every dog needs to put its head back and have a good howl now and then.

And invite them to join you in a nice whine.



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  1. It was fun to read the whines. I have one friend with whom I have agreed that each of us has 2 minutes to whine before we go on with our conversation of the day or week. It works wonderfully.

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