Celebrating Ten Years Of PeaceBanging!

100_4945Hey, can you believe it?

This old gal began blogging as PeaceBang on December 30, 2004. Beauty Tips For Ministers was my second blog, and came along a couple of years later. I cannot believe I — and WE — have been using social media for a decade! Let’s sit on the porch in our rocking chairs and reminisce.

Please join me in celebrating TEN YEARS OF PEACEBANG AND SOCIAL MEDIA MINISTRY on December 30 and 31st. I would like to go live on Google Hangouts from 2-4 pm EST on Tuesday and then again the next day in late morning. I am not leaving myself a lot of time to plan this but it could work if I get folks on board early!

Do you have a favorite PeaceBang story, quote, memory or comment? Did PeaceBang touch your life in some way in the past decade? Let’s hear about it!! Your comments are most welcome here and to my personal e-mail at (my real first name – dot – my real last name @ gmail.com)

I’ll be getting in touch with some of you to call into the Chat on Tuesday and Wednesday. If you’d like to call in, please let me know and we’ll get it set up.

See you then, and thanks for the memories!


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  1. I have been called into ministry my entire life. When I was a child I used to dress up and play priest. Unfortunately, coming from a strict catholic family this usually got me into trouble because girls couldn’t even serve on the alter let alone be a priest. I spent my life looking for a place to belong. Now, at 60 I will celebrate my first anniversary of ordination in March. I am finally at last where I belong. I found this blog through the. Beauty Tips for Ministers when I was studying for my Bachelors in Religion. You have provided me with support, vision and encouragement all along the way. I earned that degree, a. Masters in World Religion and Ministry and a PhD in Theology. Doubting along the way if “girls” really “should” be priests/ministers. Although this is my first post, your blog and the community around it gave me the courage to continue forward. In my moments of doubt. I am the chaplian at a boarding school for court appointed teens. Read there incarceration facility for gang kids. For many that I speak with this is their first discussion of God and their first experience of unconditional love. It takes time for them to trust and the results are staggering. Attendance at Sunday school and services are optional for them. I do three school and services each Sunday every currently every student chooses to attend except 5%. Know that your words and those of this community are part of the reason any of this is happening. It’s long overdue that I Thank You. [Dear Michelle, I am so incredibly glad to have found this beautiful letter in my spam folder this morning. It means the world to me. I am thrilled to hear that my blogging helped you to feel supported in your call, and that you were ministered to along the way by the PeaceBang community. Many blessings on your work and continued love for this vocation. Big kiss of peace, Victoria]

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