Bucharest Blahs

From the sublime to the crappy: was robbed of my money purse by a team of thieves at the train station. I hollered for the police right away and they were very On It, which gives me hope that that team won’t hit anyone else today, at least.

Rescued by a 20- year old fireman in training who gave me a ride to this hotel that blessedly has wi-fi and was paid for before I left.

Credit card and mostly cashless in Fagaras, Romania
PeaceBang via I-touch


12 Replies to “Bucharest Blahs”

  1. Oh nuts. I’m so sorry PeaceBang. That completely sucks. People can choose to be a curse or a blessing. Thank God for the latter!


  2. As they told me first time in Bucarest, “Welcome to Romania”.

    It gets so much better as you go north… hang in there… and be careful.

  3. Bucharest is depressing enough without thieves ruining the day.


  4. Do you need help from your colleagues? Emergency cash can be wired internationally. Linds and I would be happy to give you a hand.

  5. BUMM-ER. I am so sorry you got thieved, and hope the recovery is not too long and drawn out.

    Yay for firemens.

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