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What Leads Us: An Election Sermon

This was giving at the First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church in Norwell, MA in 2008 by the Rev. Dr. Victoria Weinstein (“PeaceBang”) I note today, on October 16, 2016, that candidate Donald Trump possesses none of the attributes of leadership … Continue reading

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The Bible: A Love Story

I gave this sermon in 2011. I post it here in response to a Twitter exchange with @Eugene_Debs. Here is the secular reading I used in the service. I think it’s great background. “What Is the Bible For?” The Rev. … Continue reading

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Earth Day: Struggling Against Despair and a Sense of Preacherly Futility

  [I preached this four years ago and it seems so inadequate to the enormity of the subject that I am embarrassed. What do we say? This coming Sunday, I will be using Bill McKibbon’s “Eaarth” as my inspiration, and … Continue reading

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