If you look past my big schnoz, way in the background up that hill, you will see the fortress where Francis David was imprisoned and died in the 16th century.


I went to the top, too. I’m not smiling because of where I am, I think I’m smiling because I went up a super-steep funicular to get there without having a panic attack:


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  1. hmm, so I guess they built it, I remember when I was there a few years ago there was a big debate over whether they should build the funicular or not (as well as sort of protest against the snack/drink stand at the top) because they thought it shouldn’t be an easy tourist destination, you were supposed to work hard to get there (walk up the whole way, which we did) and it wasn’t supposed to be pleasent at the top, it was supposed to be sad, although while I totally get that, I suppose the funicular would allow people incapable of climbing up the hill access. I just thought it was interesting how passionately against it all the Transylvanians on our trip were it.

  2. Flo, that is so fascinating! Our guide, Csilla, only said that the site had promised last year to have the fortress restored and stairs put in so that Unitarian pilgrims could have access to David’s cell, but said nothing about the funicular. I have to say that while I totally appreciated being able to zip up the mountain, I was totally bummed out by the snack bar at the top blaring American pop music. Our topic of conversation all the way up, though, WAS how arduous and scary a journey it would be on foot — especially if you were a prisoner. Thanks for the comment.

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