The Rev. Jack Morrill For KnoxVegas


On my Facebook page the other day I noted that some wag on Twitter had announced that New York City was so “over” as America’s greatest city. I heart New York forever and I personally found the suggestion that NYC is “over” a ridiculous one, but I thought it would be fun to take nominations for America’s greatest city.  I got 60 comments, but the Rev. Jake Morrill kept weighing in on behalf of his city, Knoxville, TN.

You gotta see this.

  • Jake Morrill Where did Sergei Rachmaninov, Hank Williams, Randy Rhoads, and George Jones all perform their final concerts? Oh, yeah: a little place I like to call Knox Vegas. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Game over, friends. Knoxville.
Jake Morrill You know, people might point to the New York Times as an example of why that city might get the nod. But, one has to ask, where did New York Times founder, Adolph Ochs grow up? Which mid-sized city nurtured his journalistic ambitions throughout his school-days. If the “New York Times” is the epitome of what Gotham has to offer, could it be said that Gotham expresses but a derivation of a higher form of cosmopolitan culture, to be found tucked in the valley between the Smokies and the Cumberlands, laid along the banks the Tennessee River, in spots made famous by the novels of Cormac McCarthy? Could it be that this city shines like a hidden gem? Like a freshly-polished Sunsphere in the late afternoon?
  • After a few comments about my own city, Boston, which refers to itself as “the Hub” and has a reputation of being less than cordial to outsiders and downright snotty about Southerners, Jake contributed this:
  • Jake Morrill While in Boston, or “Hubtown,” I’ve only ever been treated with fawning deference and gentle kindness. People wave shyly. They dig a toe in the earth and look bashful, until I toss a penny-candy their way. Then, sometimes, they sing. Now, it may be that this is not their behavior with all guests. I’m prepared to see it as one more example of what some call “Knox-Privilege.” But, really, what can one do? If Hubtonites are irascible as naughty puppies, is one expected to house-train them? Nay. Rather, I enjoy them for the simple people they are, and imagine the mission trips and aid my people could offer to theirs.
    I look forward to welcoming Rev. Jake and a contingent of Tennesseans to Boston for a mission trip. I think they could help us in so many ways, but I’m really looking forward to the penny candy.

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  1. Make it a caramel bulls-eye, and you can have your pick from The Hymnal 1982.

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