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The Rev. Jack Morrill For KnoxVegas

  On my Facebook page the other day I noted that some wag on Twitter had announced that New York City was so “over” as America’s greatest city. I heart New York forever and I personally found the suggestion that … Continue reading

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Let’s Laugh the Westboro Baptist “Church” Out of Town

Aw, for the love of Zeus. Those candy-ass “church” carnival clowns are at it again. For one thing, dearly beloved, they’re not a church. They’re not even a “church.” They’re a hate group. Also, they’re ridiculous. Let’s not let them hurt … Continue reading

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Maneuvering Among the Manure

Oh, dang! I was going to write an April Fool’s post about how I had gotten a book contract to write about my spiritual practice of walking the horse pastures every morning and watching my feet to make sure I … Continue reading

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